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  1. Reyna says:

    Most caring, attentive, professional and amazing Dentist team. Even walking into the office itself doesn’t even seem like a Dentist office, with beautiful art. Every time, I was attended on time and with the upmost care. Going to see the dentist became a lot less scary because the staff makes sure you are attended every step of the process. It is the best Dental Office with the most qualified staff to go to! Recommend it all the WAY!!

  2. Mike says:

    The staff is smart and customer-service oriented. I’m seen on-time. Dr. Alper is thorough in his exam and was painless when filling cavities. I definitely recommend this office to my friends and colleagues. I appreciate everyone’s friendly professionalism.

  3. Shana says:

    GREAT dentist and team, they are the BEST!!! Dr. Alper does amazing work!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    Dr. Alper is an amazing dentist. He is dedicated and caring. His honesty has helped me to have the best care and my teeth are in fantastic condition thanks to his work and his staff. I am thrilled to recommend him. You could not be in better hands.

  5. Jill Abrahamson says:

    Hands down the best dentist-office experience a person can have. Consistently. The reception is warm & friendly. The hygienist is thorough & gentle. The dentist is THE BEST. I went to this office for 9 years or so while I lived in NYC. My teeth never looked better, and my mouth and jaw never felt better, all due to the terrific care Dr. Alper gave me. He always tries the least invasive fixes first, moving on to other procedures only if he has to. Even though I’m now in the Midwest I’m tempted to plan trips to NYC just to continue having Dr. Alper be my dentist!

  6. Andy Barbera says:

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Alper and his hygienist Sarah for 9 years now. Absolutely the best dental team I’ve every had! The attention to my overall dental health and skill with which my teeth are treated is exceptional. Excellent office staff. Great contemporary artwork in a clean modern office setting and an easy location make Dr. Alper and total win. Highest recommendation!

  7. Victoria Medina says:

    I have the most beautiful smile, because of Dr. Alper and his team. Dr. Alper is the most considerate and professional dentist I have had the great fortune to meet. His team gives so much that I am inspired to take care of my teeth. You also get a sense that Dr. Alper loves the work he is doing and that just spills over into how he gives to his patients. I want to go for my next appointment better than the time before. I am so grateful for the day I met Dr. Alper and his team.

  8. Victoria Medina says:

    Dr. Alper is the absolute, hands down, best dentist I have had the joy of being in his care. His team Sarah, Patrick and Amy are a testament to the practice he has created. They are all professional, gifted, warm, friendly, inviting and caring. Dr. Alper loves his work and it spills over into the care he gives to all his patients and he is a gifted dentist!!!

    In addition to surrounding himself with the best team, he has also invested in the best state of the art equipment. This not only gives you the opportunity to receive the highest level of care, but his work with you is also far more efficient. His office is also so, so, so clean!!!

    I have the most beautiful smile, because of his dedication to his profession and his staff. They care so much that I am inspired to take care of my teeth. I want each visit to mean that my teeth are doing well. He gives me all the instructions for how I can take care of my teeth in between visits and when I have an unexpected problem, like the time when I cracked my tooth, he took care of me immediately. When I had occasion to have a good report after a cleaning visit, they encouraged me with additional information to get me back on track, so my next appointment was glowing. I now know exactly what I have to do to maintain my best oral care.

    When I first came to Dr. Alper my teeth were bleeding at home and after a cleaning, all the time. Now the bleeding has ceased at home and I am so excited to share that after a cleaning there is no blood. I also use to always use nitrous oxide during my cleaning to avoid the pain. Sarah encouraged me to stop using nitrous oxide and promised me that I would not feel any pain. I do not like pain, but I trusted her and she has kept her word. She numbs the area with a topical and I not only do not feel pain, I have probably saved a lot more brain cells.

    There have been many dentists in my life and I am thrilled my journey has stopped. My teeth and my care have never, EVER, been better and I have worked with some very top notch professionals. Dr. Alper is just a step above and I am so, so, so grateful to be one of his patients.

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