Welcome.  Come meet the staff of Dr. Alper’s Office!

Sarah Baron, our registered dental hygienist, has been with us for over 10 years.  Sarah is not only a graduate of NYU Dental in New York but was also a trained dentist in her home country of Azerbaijan.  She loves NYC and currently resides in Staten Island. And of course, she will be the one preaching the virtues of daily flossing.

Trained at Columbia University in four handed dentistry, Patrick Watt, our dental assistant, is also a nationally certified trainer for the 3M/ESPE Dental Products Corporation.  He spends much of his free time with his son, Eli.

Amy handles all things front desk. In addition to taking care of you and our office, she is also a graduate of Natural Gourmet Institute, a trained doula and a nutritional guru.  So she is basically a veritable treasure of information and support. Amy can be found spending her free time traveling the world.

Our board certified oral surgeon provides a variety of mouth related services including implant placement, oral biopsy, bone grafting, issues dealing with gum recession, extractions and other mouth related problems.

And behind the scenes you will find Heather, our business manager, working to make sure that everything in the office runs just as it should.  In addition to that, she also teaches business owners how to harness the Internet, is a HuffPost Contributor and is raising her two absolutely fabulous children with her husband Dave.

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