White Fillings

White Fillings: In our office, instead of using unsightly and controversial mercury amalgam for our fillings, we use undetectable resin fillings. By matching the white filling to your own tooth color, white resin fillings become virtually invisible and look just like natural teeth. There is no reason for anyone to know that you needed to even have a filling done!

Bondings: Teeth Bonding can help to repair decayed, fractured, chipped or discolored teeth. Dr. Alper only uses top of the line products to ensure that your bonding looks aesthetically pleasing and feels great.

Crowns: Dr. Alper’s office works with the most advanced technology and precise labs to provide you with the highest quality crown available. Crowns can be necessary to restore, support , strengthen and improve the appearance of your teeth. To make your dental visit as simple as possible, we scan your mouth with the Lava COS Machine to take an impression. This means that there is no gooey impression material and speedy, simple impression taking of your full mouth. We fit you with a temporary tooth and a few weeks later, you come back to have your crown fitted.

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